We are the Nightmare Architects


Building attractions for Halloween is easy? Yes, may be. For starting an event or for guests without the highest expectations simple constructions and a focus on jump scares could be enough.

But when there is a need for bigger attractions, extensive theming, intensive storytelling and optimized operation and crowd steering, much more know how has to be thrown in.

And this is when we join the game. With our expertise we can offer you a wide variety of services, from “just” creation to construction to operation. And everything with the highest quality, because the best possible experience for your guests is our goal. We achieve it by following our credo:

If you can see it – it has to look real
If you can touch it – it has to feel real
If you can smell it – it has to smell real
If you can hear it – it has to sound real

We are only satisfied when everything is perfect, and when your guests are totally drawn into the experience. Inform yourself about how we can help you by checking out our service portfolio.

Our services

Thanks to our wide range of services, we can support you with a tailor-made offer: