Our services

We can offer you exactly what you need. Only a concept for your attraction that you will then construct on your own? Or a turnkey solution? Or even operation during the event? Our offer will be handtailored to your requirements.


It all starts with an idea. But as it is not sufficient to only think roughly about a theme, we are able to do the whole creative part in the development of a new attraction. Moodboards, floorplans, effects, sound, story, theming and logo creation is what we deliver, all based on our expertise about what the guests might expect and how the actors will play in it in the best way.


If you are not able to construct a new attraction or need assistance in doing so, this could also be a part of our offer. Many aspects have to be taken in account for an immersive and reliable attraction, but also concerns about safety and regulations are addressed by us.


Even the best attraction might fail if the operation is not optimized. Crowd steering and capacity planning is crucial for the perfect illusion of the guests and for generating revenue. We are very experienced about group sizes, ticket sales and on site operation during the events.

We would be very happy to assist you in leveraging your Halloween event to the next level. If any of our skills could be helpful for you, we would be glad learning about your requirements. Just reach out to us by our Contact form.